Entrance Systems

Tripod Barriers

Tripod barriers can be used for access control and make life easier for reception staff at entrances to office and administrative buildings, industrial installations, banks, authorities and many other places. They are quick, reliable and easy to use.

dormakaba’s tried-and-tested control technology regulates the flow of people with ease, even during the busiest periods of the day. dormakaba Tripod Barriers are compatible with all types of ID readers and are available in six different designs.

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Product details

In emergencies, designs with collapsible bars in both directions create an escape route. Thanks to patented technology the tripod barrier bars can be reset automatically to the normal position by authorized personnel as soon as the emergency is over.

Advantages of Tripod Barriers

  • collapsible bars with automatic reset
  • opens under pressure
  • functional, quick and space-saving
  • easy to use
  • made of robust, low-maintenance stainless steel
  • suitable for outside installation
  • easy installation on finished floor surfaces, optional on unfinished surfaces
  • long live cycle thanks to power-assisted motion