Readers & Credentials

Mobile Credentials

Keyscan Mobile Credential is a cloud-based credential delivery app for use with new or existing Keyscan access control systems equipped with K-SMART3 mobile-ready readers and Aurora software version 1.0.16 or later. With the app enabled, the mobile credential allows the user to authenticate access permissions at all designated doors, elevators, parking gates and other entry/exit points using their mobile device.

  • Non-intrusive with simple one-time mobile device registration
  • Four adjustable BLE reader ranges available. Default BLE range is short range and is ready to use. Additional BLE ranges are medium, long and maximum (Requires BLE1 programming card, sold separately)
  • No manufacturer ‘cloud’ portal account required
  • User can store up to 10 mobile credentials on a single device
  • No BLE activation is required at each reader
  • Optional BLE1 range setting card works with all Keyscan site key readers
  • Manage user data and distribute mobile credentials directly through Keyscan Aurora

Product details

  • No on-boarding process is necessary to begin using Keyscan mobile credentials. 
  • Mobile credentials remain secure and protected behind password or biometric security of a mobile device. 
  • Common Keyscan key installed, unique site key available. 
  • Functions with Keyscan proprietary features (heartbeat and Lockdown, Present3 not supported with mobile credentials) 
  • Version 1.0.16 or higher (internet connectivity and email client set up also required) 

Mobile Credentials function with any Keyscan access control environment that equipped with at least one K-SMART3 reader and Keyscan Aurora software version 1.0.14 or higher.