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DORMA TS93 Series door closer

Surface Applied Cam & Roller Closer


The TS93 Series represents the pinnacle of surface applied closers because of its unique cam and roller design. Doors equipped with the TS93 will open much easier than doors with rack and pinion closers with track arms. The TS93 is a closer with regular arm operating efficiency and track arm aesthetics.


Door closer ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified.

  • Unique cam and roller design
  • Easy opening
  • Possible push side installation
  • Hydraulic backcheck
  • Adjustable spring sizes
  • Meets barrier-free requirements

Product details

Push side installation

When necessary, push side installation provides the benefits of track arm assemblies with the closer mounted to the door and the track mounted to the stop, creating a more tamper-resistant application.

Adjustable Spring sizes for barrier free requirements

The TS9315 will be available with field adjustable spring power from size 1 to 5 for barrier-free requirements. The TS9356 will be adjustable from size 5 to 6 with 50% adjustment.

Hydraulic backcheck

The adjustable backcheck prevents uncontrolled opening of door.