Electronic Locks

Access control of exit doors equipped with panic devices

dormakaba offers a series of exit device hardware that is compatible with mechanical and electrical applications. This hardware is manufactured for the most demanding access/egress applications. 

Vertical Rod Exit Device:  
The Dorma 9400 series is a surface- mounted vertical rod exit device with a modern touch bar design. 

Rim Exit Device:  
The Dorma 9300 series is a single-point rim latch with a modern touch bar design. 

  • Choose from wristband, RFID card, fob, sticker or mobile access credentials
  • Easily control access to common areas and perimeters
  • Offers convenient mobile access using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Ability to purchase mobile credentials on demand as residents request
  • Reduce costs by reusing and reprogramming keys
  • Option for multiple customizable key levels including resident, zone, master, limited use and emergency

Product details

The exit device hardware is compatible with dormakaba BLE enabled electronic hotel locks.

dormakaba Panic Bar Locks combine the Best Features – Inside and Out: 

  • Easy-to-install mechanical interface eliminates the need for an electrician 
  • No wires running through the door, frame, or hinges 
  • ANSI Grade 1 rating 
  • Auditable entries 
  • Auto latch/unlatch feature makes manual dogging unnecessary 
  • UL fire rated (optional)

Dorma 9300 Series Rim Exit Device / Dorma 9400 Series Vertical Rod Exit Device

Hand: Non-handed 

Stock: 36” door width (standard); 48” door width available at an upcharge

Door Types: Wood, hollow metal, fiberglass, or aluminum 

Door Requirements: Fits standard 1 3/4” – 2 1/4” doors 

Mounting height: 40” above finished floor 

Stile Width: 4 5/8” with standard 99 strike, 4 1/8” with optional 98 strike 

Latch Bolts: Stainless steel dead-locking; Pullman-type top latch 

Finishes: Bright Brass, Satin Brass, Bright Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel  

Available with the exit device hardware (sold separately): 
RFID locks 

  • Confidant RFID 
  • 790/RT 
  • Saflok MT RFID 

Access Management systems 

  • Ilco FDU 
  • Saflok System 6000 
  • Saflok Messenger LENS (optional with System 6000) 

Exit Device hardware allows access control of exit doors equipped with panic devices. They offer the same design and security features as the guestroom locks ensuring hotel property design remains uniform. 

Saflok Perimeter & Facility Access Hardware Fact Sheet [M3555]06-30-2012 | 892.61 KB

Saflok Perimeter & Facility Access Hardware Fact Sheet [M3555]