Entrance Systems

Half-Height Turnstiles & Swing Doors

dormakaba Half-Height Turnstiles and Swing Doors are ideal for stylish interiors thanks to their wide range of design options. These stylish turnstiles and swing doors provide an effective way of managing the flow of guests and staff in impressive entrance halls, VIP areas or at the entrance to top management suites. All options can be combined with time recording systems and ID recognition systems including contactless and biometric systems.

Product details

This attractive range combines effective access security with a transparent look for maintaining space.


Advantages of Half-Height Turnstiles and Swing Doors

  • stylish, transparent design
  • simple combination of glass and stainless steel
  • range of design options for glass wings, guiding elements and rails
  • easy to use thanks to power-assisted drive
  • quiet operation
  • easy installation on finished floor surfaces

Automatic Swing Doors in matching design are ideal for the access of people with reduced mobility and the transport of goods.