Access Control Systems

Security, service, and amenities are important factors to clients when searching for a place to establish their business.

The right access control solution can give your property an advantage.

Action Lock Sales provide the right solution for your Property Management needs.  Our Security solutions include Electronic Locks, Access Management Softwares, Energy Saving Management Systems, Credentials, and more.  Browse our solutions below and if you have any question contact us at 787-435-3763.

Access Control Systems

Whether you have a single-family home, apartment/condo, or live in a gated community, our access control systems give you multiple options for managing your access points. With entry systems to keypads, card readers to perimeter alert systems, our lineup of feature-rich options provides the perfect access control system solutions to meet your needs.

Connected Access Portal, High Capacity

Connected Access Portal 2-Door Controller

Cellular 4G/LTE Modem with Wi-Fi®

Trim Kit and Back Kit for CAPXL

Telephone Intercom and Access Control System

Residential and Commercial Telephone Entry System

Telephone Entry for Commercial Applications and Gated Communities

Wi-Fi® Antenna Extension Kit – 15’