Entrance Systems

KTC Line Revolving Door

Large-diameter Automatic Revolving Doors


Attractive, functional and practical, KTC Series large-diameter automatic revolving doors combine modern styling with proven performance. Offered in outside diameters up to 21 feet – among the widest in North America – dormakaba’s KTC Series doors are available in a variety of configurations and programming options to meet your most demanding installations.

  • Unmatched versatility
  • Available in two-, three- and four-wing models
  • Wide range of modular components
  • Trouble-free installation and commissioning
  • Outstanding safety features

Product details

Unmatched versatility

To meet a wide range of applications, dormakaba’s KTC Series doors are available in two-, three- and four-wing models with outside diameters from 12′ 6″ to 21′. Summer configurations enable doors to collapse inward for unobstructed flow or passage of bulky items. And optional locked wings and night shields can be selected for increased security.

All the benefits of a revolving door

KTC Series doors help protect your building interior from drafts, noise and dirt. In minimizing airflow between the outside and inside, a revolving door will usually pay for itself in energy savings within a three-to-five year window. KTC Series revolving doors help pedestrians move in and out of the building, managing high traffic volumes without difficulty. And all KTC Series doors offer ultra-modern safety and security systems for your peace of mind.


Ideal for use in

  • Hotels
  • Healthcare settings
  • Airports and transportation facilities
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Institutional and educational buildings
  • Retail stores

Benefits for installers

  • Tailored to suit widely differing structural conditions
  • Trouble-free installation and commissioning
  • Most up-to-date technology conforming to relevant national and international standards


Benefits for architects and designers

  • Comprehensive product range includes solutions suitable for sophisticated and prestigious entrances.
  • High degree of design flexibility thanks to a wide range of modular components.

Benefits for end-users

  • Integrated system manufactured with industrial prevision and assured quality
  • Optimization of the building energy balance and workplace environment
  • Exceptional user convenience
  • Outstanding safety features