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Community Keyscan Aurora Integrated Access Management

Community and Keyscan Aurora access management software seamlessly integrate to provide the ultimate cost-effective and scalable access control solution for multihousing properties. Whether you are managing market rate apartments, privatized student housing or senior living facilities, dormakaba now offers a centralized interface to manage all aspects of property access control from individual living spaces to property perimeter. 

  • Automatically add or remove resident authorization in Community and access points secured by Keyscan in real-time
  • Manage access control through a shared database and single GUI interface
  • Streamline day-to-day resident access management
  • Offers key control from anywhere
  • Enhance resident convenience with mobile access
  • Easy installation with no additional encoding required

Product details

  • Configurable user profiles to secure system access 
  • Common and restricted area management through credential or scheduled access 
  • View, save or print reports including key creation, user authorizations, access point audits, credential expiration and credential/user assignment 
  • Create visual representation using floor plans and device icons indicating door status, alarm points, input status and IP cameras  
  • Set “event and response” actions and receive email notifications for events such as intrusions, low battery status or unauthorized access attempts 
  • Integrates with CCTV, telephone entry and parking gate technology for a complete solution at no added cost
  • Support various credential media types such as RFID keys and fobs 
  • Recommended dedicated server 
  • CPU 2GHz/64-bit/quad core or faster 
  • RAM 16 GB or more 
  • Disk drive free space 30GB additional  
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard, Server 2012 R2 Standard and Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise suitable for large and small-scale implementations 
  • Supported web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 
  • Community Access Control Management Software 
  • Keyscan Aurora Software 
  • Integration ACU Firmware 
  • Reader 

Ideal for multihousing properties 

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