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Crane Revolving Door Rehab Kits

Crane Rehab Kits can be custom manufactured to easily fit existing enclosures while effectively updating all of the working components of the door. In most cases, this can be a very cost effective way of replacing or updating the look and function of a door without the complexity of installing a complete new door.

  • Effectively updates all of the door’s working components
  • Easily fits existing enclosures
  • Can be custom manufactured
  • Cost effective

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Crane Rehab Kit – a great solution

Like any other door, a revolving door requires annual maintenance. There are also times when a revolving door has not been properly maintained, or the door style is no longer up to date. At times like these a Crane Rehab Kit is a great solution.

A variety of options

Crane can manufacture a Rehab Kit to any dimension to replace the wings and hardware of any existing revolving door, no matter who originally manufactured it. Kits are manufactured from aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, or wood to match the original door as closely as possible, or it can be manufactured to give new style to an outdated entrance.

Kits include

  • Speed Control
  • Center Shaft with Cover
  • Hanger Discs
  • Hangers
  • Pivot Bearing
  • Pre-Glazed Wings with Weathersweeps
  • Push Bars
  • Bumpers
  • Lock cases