Entrance Systems

Exit Lane Breach Control

dormakaba developed the one-way exit corridor to guide the flow of arriving passengers at the air terminal. It allows for fast and safe passage from the air side to the land side.

This modular system is equipped with a series of motion presence and video analytic sensors that are designed to detect unattended objects left within or passed through the corridor area. As passengers exit through the corridor, full-height and half-height double swing doors automatically open and close based upon a programmed flow or interlock mode. Combined, the physical barrier and advanced sensor technology provide a secure detection and entry prevention solution without the need of a guard.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Customizable configuration
  • High throughput
  • Safety sensors prevent unintentional contact with the moving door panels
  • Modular construction supports a multi-lane configuration

Product details

  • Provides a Secure Exit Lane Without the Use of a Guard
  • ROI is Potentially 18 Months or Less
  • Stainless Steel Construction as Opposed to Cladded Aluminum
  • Stand Alone System Designed to Monitor, Alert, Notify & Isolate Potential Intruders
  • Video Analytic Surveillance System Provides Real Time Video Streams While Tracking Potential Intruder
  • Audible and Visual Alarm at Unauthorized Passage in Opposite Direction
  • Integrates Into Existing Airport Security & Fire Detection Systems
  • Flow or Interlock Modes Provide the Most Secure and Highest Throughput Available

Construction Passage width – Approx 25 1⁄4“ – 37 1⁄2“ (640mm – 950mm) Standard is 64 1⁄4“ (920mm) Total width – 42 3⁄8“ – 54 5⁄8“ (1076mm – 1386mm) Total length – As specified Total height – 90 5⁄8“ (2300mm) Passage height – 82 3⁄4“ (2100mm) Height of barrier gate – As specified Header height – 8“ (200mm) Body Self-supporting structure is made of stainless steel AISI 304. glazing: 6 mm toughened glass. Control unit and maintenance opening at the top. Operating panel required (supplied by customer or optional OPL 02). Finish Stainless steel satin finish Electrical components All power supplies, controls and interface boards are housed in a stainless steel, top mounted enclosure accessible from inside the corridor. Power: 120VAC 60hz 20A dedicated circuit. It is highly recommended a zero delay UPS system is used on each lane. Installation Mounted to level finished floor. Please consider utilities, tension cables or expansion joints

The dormakaba Lane manages the egress of passengers in one direction, from the sterile air side to the non-sterile land side. A combination of microwave, infrared and video sensors monitor the entire area of the corridor to monitor, detect, notify and isolate unauthorized access from the land side area. While serving as a high security deterrent to access, the dormakaba Lane implements an advanced level of safety sensors positioned to protect authorized persons as well as unauthorized intruders.