Entrance Systems

Self Boarding Gates

The dormakaba system consists of a sensor barrier with automatic swing panels. The unit features an integrated boarding pass reader, an LCD display for passenger instruction and a device for printing seat assignment changes. Industry standard barcodes can be scanned from boarding passes printed by airlines or self-service kiosks, personal printers and smart phones.

  • Helps speed up the boarding process, cutting wait times at the gates
  • Ensures that passengers board the right aircraft
  • Supports gate agents – allows staff to deal with special needs or requirements
  • Manages First / Business Class, VIPs and airline staff separately, reducing wait times
  • Informs the passenger of last minute seating changes with a printed acknowledgment
  • Provides an alarm to notify the gate agent of unauthorized attempts to bypass boarding security or unauthorized de-boarding. The result, an accurate boarding record


  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Frankfurt
  • Berlin
  • Düsseldorf
  • Zürich
  • Vienna
  • Oslo
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Others

Product details

The HSB-M03 sensor barrier:

  • Optimizes passenger self-boarding process at airports
  • Efficient, effective and high passenger flow rates
  • Simple, comfortable operation expedites passenger processes
  • Ensures that only one person at a time is boarded
  • Passenger “roller boards” allowed during boarding
  • Safety sensors prevent users from injury
  • Facilitates self-boarding of passengers supervised by staff
  • Easily extendable with further modules
  • Space-saving design — a first-choice installation in all environments
  • Thermal printer for output of updated passenger information, e.g. seat imprint, gate change and vouchers.


Reads all boarding pass Bar Code versions