Entrance Systems

MAGNEO Entrance System

Magnetic Drive Sliding Entrance System

The MAGNEO is a sliding entrance system powered by linear magnetic drive technology (LMD) and designed for any modern interior, whether public, commercial, or private. Innovative magnetic technology ensures that the MAGNEO is safe, reliable, whisper quiet, and resistant to wear.

  • Safe, reliable, whisper quiet
  • Modern design and easy operation
  • Opening width up to 44” (1125 mm)
  • Reduced lifetime cost of ownership
  • Meets all safety requirements

Product details

Modern design and easy operation

Ideal for both new and retrofit interior applications, the MAGNEO’s modern design and easy operation make it an attractive and efficient way to update both the function and appearance of existing interior doorways.


Meets all safety requirements

The versatile MAGNEO meets all safety requirements for low energy applications. Its extra sensitive operation instantly detects any obstruction. Activation is achieved via touchless design push plate, radio remote control, or traditional infrared motion detectors.


Supports green and LEED initiatives

By using Linear Magnetic Drive (LMD) technology, the MAGNEO is a low energy system requiring minimal power. When used with a glass panel, it provides valuable daylighting to interior spaces.


MAGNEO is ADA compatible

It meets all ADA requirements and provides automated barrier-free access. Low energy MAGNEO is safe without added safety sensors. On light contact, the door instantly stops and reverses direction.


Reduced lifetime cost of ownership

MAGNEO has fewer moving parts and incurs less wear and tear, so it requires less maintenance than traditional automatic sliding doors.


Whisper quiet operation and optional touch free activation

Its nearly silent operation is a plus in settings where noise and distractions need to be minimized. When installed with an optional activation device that provides touch free operation, MAGNEO can help prevent surface contamination.