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9321 Easy Read Prox Slimline Reader

The 9321 easy read prox slimline reader is a single door standalone access control solution for surface or mullion mount applications. The RCI 9321 is two separate components with a reader and controller. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install without requiring a separate programmer. Silent, audible, or visual access validation is available and it is able to support up to 10,000 users for large scale access control applications.

  • Energy: 1000mA 12VDC (Max)
  • Users: Supports Up To 10,000 Users
  • Read Range: Up To 2-3/8″ (60mm) (Using 932-10CP Card, 1-9/16″ (40mm) using 932-10KP Fob)
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Environment: Rugged, Weather-Resistant Design
  • Mode: Field-Selectable Fail-Safe & Fail-Secure

Product details

  • Easy to install
  • Supports up to 10,000 users
  • Aesthetically pleasing surface or mullion mount design
  • Access validation – Silent(9320 only)/Audible/Visual
  • Deny access without retrieving user’s card or fob
  • No separate programmer required
  • Input trigger for request-to exit or other open circuit contact
  • Includes black & white snap-on covers
  • Proximity cards and fobs are available in packs of 10 (sold separately)

Dimensions: 1-1/2″W x 3-1/16″H x 1/2″D (38mm x 78mm x 12.7mm)
9321 Reader + Controller
Two Separate Components

932-10CP – Encoded card starter pack, 10 pack, includes wallet and programming cards
932-10KP – Encoded fob starter pack, 10 pack, includes wallet and programming cards