Entrance Systems

ESA-T Telescopic Sliding Door

The 0161 is a 3/4″ semi-mortise electric strike that is designed to operate with Pullman latch rim exit devices. The stainless-steel finish creates a sleek attractive architectural appearance. The slotted horizontal holes on the faceplate allow for easy and secure mounting during installation and correct alignment with the exit device. It features a hazard-free radius design.

  • Energy: 200mA 12VAC/VDC Or 24VAC/VDC (Max at 12VDC)
  • Strength: 1,500lbf Static 70ft-lb Dynamic
  • Endurance: 500,000 Cycles
  • Mode: Fail-Secure
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty

Product details

Emergency exits

The ESA-T – For emergency applications breakout of the sliding and sidelite panels is required.

Smooth, clean look

The ESA-T provides a smooth clean look without horizontal ridges that detract from the appearance of the door.

Intelligent, efficient, and technologically advanced

The ESA-T with five-function program switch, adjustable motion sensor and optional self-closing side panels.

Self-monitoring for safety

The ESA-T is a continuous self-monitoring control system for an extra measure of safety and efficiency.

Exclusive feature – sound-dampening track

It reduces operational noise to a mere whisper and stops vibration resonance that can be transferred to building structures.